Beadslide by The Beadsmith (Now $6.50 - $7.50)

Beadslide by The Beadsmith (Now $6.50 - $7.50)

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These handy slide connectors make finishing your loomed or other stitched beadwork a breeze! Simply knot your warp or end threads, slide one of the tubes over the knots and your last row of beadwork and you're all set! A built-in box clasp provides a seamless gap-free closure for a beautiful finish to your work. The clasp comes in three lengths (18mm, 24mm, 29mm) and 8 color/texture variations (smooth gold, cross-hatch gold, cross-hatch antique gold, smooth silver, cross-hatch silver, cross-hatch antique silver, smooth black, cross-hatch black).



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